What is the Church for?
A 5-session course for small groups

Some groups are used to meeting for 90 minutes and others for 2 hours. Each of these sessions has been designed to last for 90 minutes, on the basis that groups who meet for 2 hours can play with the timing (longer discussions, coffee break, etc.) but those used to meeting for 90 mins may not want to do 2 hours instead.

Examples of Opening and Closing Prayers

Session 1:
What is the Church for?
Session plan
Parable 1 handout
Parable 2 handout
Parable 3 handout
Parable 4 handout
Parable 5 handout
Parable teaching notes

Session 2:
Why do we go to church?
Session plan
Worship preferences handout

Session 3:
Loving God
Session plan
Creeds handout
Bible Study handout
Eucharist handout
Prayer handout

Session 4:
Loving our neighbour
Session plan
'What would you do?' handout
Loving our neighbour handout
The effects of love handout

Session 5:
Loving ourselves
Session plan
'Is it a sin?' handout

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