How do I organise my life for God?
A 5-session course for small groups

Each of these sessions should be flexible enough to use (with longer/shorter discussions, coffee breaks, etc.) over 90 minutes or 2 hours.
The course may also be suitable for use at an away day or over a series of days away as a church, fellowship group, etc.

Examples of Opening and Closing Prayers

Session 1:
How do I organise my life for God - daily?
Session plan
Time quotations handout
'Why should we organise our lives for God?' handout
'How might we structure our time with God?' handout
Lord's Prayer handout

Session 2:
How do I organise my life for God - weekly?
Session plan
Sabbath scriptures handout
Body of Christ scriptures handout
Small groups handout

Session 3:
How do I organise my life as part of Christ's body?
Session plan
'Yes but...' handout
Call scriptures handout

Session 4:
How do I organise my life for God's kingdom?
Session plan
Fasting scriptures handout
Giving scriptures handout
1 Chronicles 29.10-13 handout

Session 5:
How does God help me to organise my life for him?
Session plan
Review handout
Holy Spirit scriptures handout

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