Resources for Churchwardens

The Role of the Churchwarden
Churchwardens Measure 2001
(but be aware that most of the legislation on this site is slightly behind any recent amendments:
keep an eye on the 'changes to legislation' banner across the top)
An Introduction to the Role of Churchwarden
A Practical Guide for Churchwardens
A Guide to the Role of Churchwardens in a Vacancy
Information for Churchwardens
from the Diocese of Newcastle.
Books for Churchwardens include:
Practical Church Management by James Behrens
A Handbook For Churchwardens And Parochial Church Councillors by Kenneth M. Macmorran and Timothy J. Briden
The Churchwarden's Handbook: A Practical Guide by Ian Russell and Helen Elliot
Churchwardens: A Survival Guide by Martin Dudley and Virginia Rounding
So the Vicar's Leaving: The Good Interregnum Guide by Mike Alexander and Jeremy Martineau

Facilitating Worship
Churchwardens are authorised to lead Morning or Evening Prayer in the event that a minister or Reader is unavailable. It would be useful for churchwardens to keep some resources in church for such times, including the current lectionary, a suitable translation of the Bible, orders of service and intercessions. The links below should provide some help in finding these resources.
Common Worship Morning and Evening Prayer
Guidelines from the Church of England
Guidelines for leading worship
from the Diocese of Newcastle, including orders of service and intercessions
An Order for Morning Prayer
including all 4 lectionary readings for the day, but no sermon:
suitable for use by churchwardens in the absence of a minister or Reader
A note by the House of Bishops on versions of Scripture
(opens as a Word document)
Useful resources:
Common Worship Lectionary
"Prayers of Intercession for Common Worship" by Susan Sayers
A lectionary-based resource that provides intercessions to be used Sunday by Sunday throughout Years A, B and C
Leading Common Worship Intercessions: A Simple Guide by Doug Chaplin
The Arthur Rank Centre:
Training and resources for those (especially lay people) leading or creating worship in small and rural churches.

Guidance notes and resources from Coventry Diocese
Information about Coventry Diocesan funds and external funding bodies
ChurchCare is the Church of England's national resource for everyone managing a church building. The website includes information about funding and grants, as well as guidance about a wide range of subjects including churchyards, insurance, Quinquennials, routine maintenance, security and opening up the building, bats, heating and lighting, etc.
Faith in Maintenance
Resources and training from the Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings 'Faith in Maintenance' project
Guidance from Ecclesiastical Insurance
about caring for church buildings and churchyards, from Church House Publishing.

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