Toddler Services

"People were also bringing babies to Jesus . . ." (Luke 18.15)

The Dassett Magna Group of Churches, in Fosse Deanery, has developed a termly service for Under-5s, to which children from the local Day Nursery are invited, together with the Reception class from the local Primary School and their parents, grandparents, carers, younger siblings, etc. In addition, it is publicised more widely so that all pre-school children and their families are welcome - including those who attend the nursery but not on the day of the service.

Service structure

The service structure is very simple:


Young children like familiarity, so if these services are, for most of them, their only experience of church, then it can be helpful to stick to a fairly small repetoire of songs. You might also talk to the nursery and school about what songs they will already know (e.g. at Christmas they might have learnt Little Donkey or Away in a Manger for the Nativity Play).

Examples of suitable songs for Under-5s include:

Bible Stories

Three years of termly talks for an Under-5s service are provided below. (Children who attend this service for more than three years in a row will have been too little, the first time they heard the stories, to remember them when they are repeated.)

Apart from the two Christmas stories and the Mothering Sunday talk, any of these talks could be used at any time. What's suggested below is the three-year cycle that Dassett Magna uses, but in practice of course the order is unimportant, and nor does it matter in which term you hold your first service.

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