Rogation: A Short Procession

Rogation Sunday is the Sunday before Ascension Day. This teaching activity could be used in place of the traditional Rogation Procession.


  1. The children are invited to the front. The leader explains the history and meaning of Rogation.
  2. With the assistance of a parish map, or pre-agreed focal points in the N, S, E and W of the parish, members of the congregation identify where they live in the parish, with any visitors in a fifth group. One member of each group volunteers to stand in the N, S, E, W or centre of the church.
  3. Each of five (groups of) children is given a symbol (e.g. seeds to symbolise crops). The children process around the five representatives, and at each person a prayer is said for that which is symbolised (see below). Each person joins the processing children as they leave his/her post.
  4. With the children and representatives standing together in the centre of church, a hymn is sung.
  5. The congregation remains standing for the prayers, which the five representatives lead.




Teaching Notes

Rogation Prayers

[It doesn't matter which representative (N, S, E or W) takes the first four prayers, but the fifth is intended for the visitors' representative to say.]

1. God has given every seed-bearing plant on the face of the whole earth, every tree that has fruit with seed in it, and everything that lives and moves as food for us. Let us now give him thanks and praise.
Jesus has promised that God will give us whatever we ask in His name. He has promised that His Holy Spirit will be with us for ever. Let us now pray in faith.

2. Father God, You have promised to hear us when we pray in faith.
This Rogation we thank you for our lives in ______________
Please bless our land and help us to be good stewards of your creation. Amen.

3. Lord Jesus Christ, We thank you for all the different jobs that you give us to do.
This Rogation we offer our lives and work to you.
Please bless our work and help us to do it all in your service. Amen.

4. Holy Spirit, We thank you for guiding us in everything that we do.
This Rogation we ask you to bless ______________
We pray that all who live in our parish(es) will feel the power of your love in their lives. Amen.

5. Father God, We thank you for the lives and work that you give us in ______________ [insert as many of the visitors' home places as you know]
We ask you to bless our land, and help us to be good stewards of it.
We offer our lives and work to you, Lord Jesus, and ask you to bless us in all that we do.
We pray that all who live in ______________ will feel the power of your Holy Spirit in their lives.

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