Pentecost (1)

The Bible Reading Fellowship's Barnabas website has several very good teaching ideas for Pentecost, as for many other subjects.

This teaching activity is based on a combination of a couple of different Barnabas suggestions: a dramatic reading by Lucy Moore and a drama game by Lucy Moore and Martin Payne.


  1. The leader explains that today is Pentecost, when we celebrate the church's birthday. Questions draw out the children's knowledge of the Crucifixion, Resurrection and Ascension, and the leader explains Jesus' promise that after He went back to heaven God's Holy Spirit would be with His people for ever.
  2. The story of the first Pentecost (from Acts 2.1-21) is read. Lucy Moore's dramatic reading is an enormously effective way of doing this - see below for one way of laying it out.
  3. The leader invites the children to the front to explore what we mean by "the power of the Holy Spirit", using an activity based on Lucy Moore and Martin Payne's drama game "Clockwork Power". After all the children have had a turn, explain that the Christian life is not always easy but Jesus promised that God's Holy Spirit would be with us for ever, to power us in our Christian lives. We just have to ask for God's help: for His Spirit to fill us.




Teaching Notes

Pentecost Dramatic Reading

Follow this link to a version of Lucy Moore's dramatic reading, adapted for six readers.

There are six scripts here, each with one of the reader's speaking parts highlighted in bold type. There is one section in which increasing numbers of people say different words simultaneously, to highlight the babble of different tongues heard at Pentecost. In another section, increasing numbers of people join in with the words of a Psalm, creating a crescendo of praise to God. It really doesn't take much practice for confident readers to create a very powerful effect.

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