Mothering Sunday (1)


  1. A brief introduction to Mothering Sunday.
  2. Questions and Answers activity: see instructions below.
  3. Children could be invited to take a small posy of flowers to their mothers (or grandmothers or carers).
  4. A quiet time, with readings and a prayer, to remember God's love for us all, whatever our circumstances.
  5. After the service you might like to share a Simnel cake with the congregation.




Teaching Notes

Question and Answer Activity

Question and Answer Activity: Suggestions

We asked _____________________'s Mum what annoyed him/her the most. Did she say:
1. homework
2. being tickled
or 3. [write down the real answer in the space here]

We asked ________________________'s Mum what made him/her really happy. Did she say:
1. chocolate
or 3. staying in bed?

We asked ________________________'s Mum what s/he would do with £100. Did she say:
1. spend it on Mum
2. put it in the bank
or 3.

We asked ________________________'s Mum what luxury s/he would most like. Did she say:
2. someone to tidy his/her bedroom
or 3. an endless supply of sweets?

We asked ________________________'s Mum what's his/her favourite book. Did she say:
2. the Bible, or
3. Captain Underpants?

We asked ________________________'s Mum what she does that really annoys him/her. Did she say:
1. giving him/her big sloppy kisses in public,
or 3. telling him/her to tidy his/her bedroom?

We asked _____________________ what annoyed his/her Mum the most. Did s/he say:
1. being interrupted when she's on the phone,
2. someone finishing all the chocolate biscuits, or

We asked ________________________ what made his/her Mum really happy. Did s/he say:
2. breakfast in bed, or
3. a big hug?

We asked ________________________ what his/her Mum would do if s/he gave her £100. Did s/he say:
1. go clothes shopping,
or 3. spend it on a present for someone else?

We asked ________________________ what's the most embarrassing thing about his/her Mum. Did s/he say:
1. the way she sings in church,
2. giving him/her sloppy kisses in public, or

We asked ________________________ what luxury his/her Mum would most like. Did s/he say:
1. someone to do all the cooking,
or 3. a lifetime's supply of chocolate?

We asked ________________________ what's his/her Mum's favourite book. Did s/he say:
2. the Bible, or
3. Cosmo?

We asked ________________________ what s/he does that really annoys his/her Mum. Did s/he say:
1. having such a messy bedroom
or 3. falling asleep in church?


Remembering those for whom this day is not easy, you might like to introduce a quiet time in your service, during which prayers and a reading are spoken.

Father God,

We thank you for our mothers. Please bless and guide them, especially at times when they are tired or worried or confused. Help them to remember your promise:

"Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest."

Help us to be obedient and loving to our mothers, and to show them how much they are loved.


Father God,

This Mothering Sunday we ask you to bless and heal all those whose mothers have died or are ill;

those who have not been able to know their mothers, or who have been loved by another mother;

those who are not able to become mothers;

those who have a difficult relationship with their mothers.

We thank you that you love every one of us, whatever our situation, and that we can always trust you to care for us.


A reading from Psalm 121 [NIV]

The LORD watches over you -

the LORD is your shade at your right hand;

the sun will not harm you by day,

nor the moon by night.

The LORD will keep you from all harm -

he will watch over your life;

the LORD will watch over your coming and going

both now and forevermore.

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