Lent: Prayer


  1. The children are invited to the front for the teaching activity. The leader uses questions to draw out their knowledge of Lent. As well as giving up something at Lent, we can also use Lent as a time to take on something, or to enhance an aspect of our Christian lives. This Lent, we can all try to make more time to pray.
  2. Prayer is about talking to God. But we can't see Him. The children are invited to take various props out of a bag, to explore how we can talk to people when we can't see them.
  3. Actually we can just talk to God, either out loud or in our minds, because although we can't see Him, He is always with us. What should we say? Jesus said we should start by calling Him "Our Father". What sort of things do we say to our parents here on Earth? The leader explores the content of prayer using the children's suggestions as well as prompt cards.




Teaching Notes

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