All Saints'


  1. The children are invited to the front to discuss what a 'saint' is, and which saints they know about.
  2. They hear the stories of some of the early church saints.
  3. They return to their families, to write on paper chains the names of people for whom they'd like to pray today.
  4. Family groups link together their own paper chains, and these chains are then joined together by links with the saints' names on.
  5. Prayers are said for everyone in the prayer chain, which can then be hung up in church.




Teaching Notes

Some stories of saints

St Mary

1. Saint Mary was just an ordinary Jewish girl, but God had chosen her for a very special job. One day an angel came to see Mary. The angel said that she would have a baby and He would be God's son. God would do great things through this baby. Mary felt scared. She knew that if she had a baby when she was not married, people in those days would be very unkind to her.

2. But she said 'yes' because God had asked her to do this. When Jesus was born, Mary held all the special things that were said about him in her heart. She was there when he performed his first miracle. And she saw Him being crucified. She had known all along how special He was, and it must have broken her heart to see Him treated so cruelly. But she was always obedient to God.

St Stephen

1. Saint Stephen was the church's first martyr. A martyr is someone who would rather die than say that he doesn't love God. That was exactly what brave St Stephen had to do. After Jesus had died and come back to life, St Stephen kept teaching people about Jesus. Stephen said that Jesus was the Saviour that everyone had been waiting for and they were wrong to kill Him.

2. Some of the Jewish leaders were so angry that they ordered Stephen to be killed. A crowd of people threw stones at him until he died. He died very bravely, still worshipping God, and as he died he prayed for God to forgive those who had been so cruel to him.

St Augustine

1. Saint Augustine was sent to England by Pope Gregory, to teach the English people about Jesus. Augustine felt frightened about coming to a strange country but at last he agreed to come.
When he and his friends arrived in England they found that it wasn't so bad. King Ethelbert welcomed them and gave them somewhere to live. St Augustine travelled around the country, teaching people about Jesus.

2. The king was so impressed that he wanted to be a Christian and St Augustine baptised him. Lots of other English people were baptised too. They built a cathedral at Canterbury and that's where the English church started to grow. Augustine was the first Archbishop of Canterbury, which means that he was the priest in charge of all the other priests in the country.


1. Father, we thank you for the lives of all the Saints.

2. Please help us to follow their example.

3. Help us to be obedient, like St Mary.

4. Help us to be faithful, like St Stephen.

5. Help us to be brave, like St Augustine.

6. Help us always to love you, we pray. Amen.

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