"There are those who are last who will be first."


  1. Reading: Luke 13.22-30. Acknowledge that the reading is quite difficult to understand - but let's try to understand it.
  2. The leader says in great excitement that s/he's going to have a party. Appropriate props are produced, before the leader adds, "I'm afraid that not everyone can come to my party, though." With the help of (pre-prepared) congregation questions, draw out Jesus' point that the important question is not "How many can come?" but "Can I come?"
  3. "Plants" in the congregation identify themselves and the congregation decides whether or not the leader should invite them to the party - drawing out the point that we aren't invited to parties unless we already know the host.
  4. Children dress up in various costumes and, with the congregation's help, are lined up in order of "importance". Good news! Jesus doesn't care about any of that. We can all get through that narrow door if only we choose to get to know Him now.




Here are some examples of the sorts of questions that the congregation might be primed to ask (just write them on slips of paper), always ensuring that you remember which person has the question "Can I come?" so that you can choose that person to ask the final question.


Examples of the sorts of people that members of the congregation might identify themselves as being:


Teaching Notes

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